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If the events of the past 12 months have taught the world anything, then the message should have been to leave absolutely nothing to chance. Life has a funny (and not so funny) way of changing instantly. Adapting to those problems can make the difference between either getting away unscathed or being buried beneath the rubble. The pandemic has given everyone a valuable resource to consider planning ahead in their lives, be it on a professional, personal, or any other level.

That extends to the future. While few people possess a crystal ball and can correctly predict with any certainty, the coronavirus has proven to be a catalyst for change. Financial wellness went to the forefront of the discussion because of the pandemic. People who may not have a clue about their retirement accounts or what other benefits they are eligible for were suddenly forced to take action. In many cases, the public may have been unaware of services available to help navigate them through this path. For those who may be lost in the woods, there is a beacon of light in the form of a nonprofit organization that helps those needing a financial life raft.

The Foundation for Financial Education (F3E) serves to help people with money-related issues and concerns. The Foundation offers virtual seminars that are easy to implement and attendees can gain access to no-cost, high-value financial education training.

Nicholas Pacheco, who serves as the Rhode Island Director of Operations for F3E, said there is a lot of financial information out there that may easily confuse most people. As an educator, Pacheco’s job is to provide people with financial education in simple terms so they can make informed decisions impacting their day-to-day finances and beyond.

“We specialize in helping any type of business—big, small, or in between—that has questions or concerns about various financial topics that impact their lives,” Pacheco said. “As an accredited 501c(3) organization, the Foundation helps to improve employee productivity and morale, reduce HR costs, and provide unbiased financial education and guidance. There is no cost to either the employer or to the employee to either host or attend any of our seminars. They are mostly done virtually to adhere to social distancing rules.”

There are numerous topics for companies to become more immersed with. Such courses range from advanced Social Security planning, asset preservation workshops, maximizing one’s investments post-pandemic, benefits for federal employees, and addressing risks like identity theft and taxation. All of these and the other seminars offer either company-wide or one-to-one support, Pacheco said.

Some other topics taught by Pacheco and the Foundation include:

• 10 Steps to Financial Freedom…among the topics in this portal are creating a budget, getting out of debt, and finding your “money view.”
• Estate Planning…dealing with death and estate taxes, preparing wills and trust, and learning about probate and its relationship with your estate.
• Planned Giving…learning the differences between a one-time gift and an ongoing gift, the tax ramifications to a family and the estate, and using a charitable trust or charitable strategies for planned giving.

These are several of the dozens of seminars and subjects the Foundation provides information about. The programs can be tailored to fit any specific needs or concerns, said Pacheco.

“The Foundation looks to be an educational resource for all things that affect the health and well-being of the people we serve,” he said. “This is a Foundation that services businesses and individuals across the country, so their network of national resources is very strong. In this industry, there are not many opportunities to give back. This is one of those chances to do that and make a difference.”

Pacheco said his involvement with the Foundation spans several years but he has been serving people for twenty years. He cites his wanting to “pay it forward” and having other people learn from his knowledge within the industry are intangible rewards for participating in this endeavor.

As with many of the hot topics concerning money and financial stability, Pacheco invites anyone who is interested to attend a no-cost seminar on “Maximizing Social Security in Uncertain Times,” on Wednesday, March 24, beginning at 6:30 pm. This event will help attendees with claiming strategies, discuss how to maximize their pension including claiming strategies, the impact of IRA withdrawals, and taxation of benefits. Details for the event may be found by emailing him at the address below.

The Foundation for Financial Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading financial literacy by providing free educational resources directly to the public. Founded as a result of an urgent need to eliminate financial illiteracy, F3E has helped thousands of individuals become more fiscally fit by understanding financial pitfalls that they may encounter in their everyday lives.

For additional information about the project or to schedule a meeting with Nicholas Pacheco, please contact him either by email at or call him at 401-314-4100

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