Be an “Employer Champion” for Internships!


Dear RI employer,

Has your company or organization had a positive experience providing an internship that you would like to share?  

The Governor’s Workforce Board is supporting a statewide campaign to encourage businesses to offer internships to college students, unemployed adults, and youth. We invite you to share your internship success story with other employers on the blog by answering any five of the questions below.

Thank you for your support of internships.

Rick Brooks

Executive Director

Governor’s Workforce Board

PS – To learn about wage subsidies for paid internships, click here.

Tell your internship success story on  (Please answer any five questions below and return by clicking here.)

Your name: _________________________________

Job title: ___________________________________

Company / organization: ___________________________________

1.       What is the main reason you host interns at your organization?

2.      What are the top three ways your organization benefits from interns?

3.      What is the most challenging part of structuring an internship program?

4.      Have you have a favorite intern? What about that person most impressed you?

5.       Do you pay your interns? Why or why not?

6.      Who do you think benefits the most from interns?

7.       What are five words you would use to best describe interns?

8.       How did your internship program get started?

9.      What is the most challenging part of supervising interns?

10.  How do you use internships as a recruiting tool?

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