3 Ways Social Networking Can Build Lifelong Customers for Your Business

If you’re not using social networking sites to promote your business, then you should be.  After all, what other marketing outlet provides you with the opportunity to speak to hundreds of millions of potential customers, and in real time?  In today’s fast paced, technology-based consumer market, it’s not enough just to have a business website.  You have to drive people to your website, and social networking is the way to do that.  Want to know how social media can help grow your business?  Read on for three ways in which social networking can build lifelong customers for your business.

Social networking is an integral part of business branding, and a great way of promoting customer loyalty.  When you are working on promoting your business in a global market such as the world wide web, it is important that you give customers something they can attach to emotionally if you want to stay relevant in their minds.  Social networking outlets put a face to your business name, and give a personality to your web presence.  In essence, social network personifies your business and makes customers feel like they know you.  When customers feel like they know you, they are likely to stick with you for the long haul.

Social media sites allow you to provide relevant, up to the minute content to your customer base.  When you use social networking to communicate regularly with your customers, you develop a relationship with them and stay fresh in their minds.  Make your customers feel like they matter by keeping them abreast of important business news, product specials, and staff changes and they will stick with you.

When you handle customer service issues through social networking sites, you are providing proof to your customers of your interest in keeping them satisfied.  When your Facebook friends and Twitter followers see that you encourage their feedback, and that you are eager to correct any misperceptions or problems that arise regarding your business, they will no doubt be more apt to stay loyal.  Just remember that your business’s customer service policy needs to be impressively efficient and personable if you plan on going the social media customer service route, because all customer complaints will be public.

Social networking can be a powerful tool in your web marketing repertoire, especially if you know how to use it effectively.

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