2015 Fit For Life Expo

WARWICK, RI – Cumulus Media and DiscoverYou Events invite all to the biggest New Year’s resolution event of the year, the 12th annual Fit For Life Expo. This all-day interactive event is slated for January 17 at the Warwick Mall (snow date January 18). Over 40 expert exhibitors will offer one-on-one attention to visitors. Dynamic, well-known speakers will reveal their best-kept secrets on how to get and stay fit, mentally and physically, throughout the year. All are invited for this free event.

Some of the expert speakers will include business owner and entrepreneur Brian Sean Reid, and weight-loss expert Lauren Canuel.

World-renowned fitness expert and life coach Brian Reid will be the main speaker at the Fit for Life Expo. Inner Fitness Center founder, Reid is a life coach, author, motivational speaker and fitness expert. He will introduce gems from his HorsePower Personal TranSPORTation workshops and curricula. Reid gives you practical and easy to apply tools and strategies to create a healthy body and take your current fitness to the next level. Reid’s principles have been broken down to its core so that you can implement them in your current lifestyle or design your own lifestyle around them.

At the Fit for Life Expo, Brian will focus on his Triangular Holistics and break down the core elements of the “BODY”. You will understand the importance of your diet, exercise and rest, and how these elements support your overall health. You will take away how each element will support all others to ultimately help you move toward what matters in your life and create free flowing momentum. Find out more about Reid at www.BrianSeanReid.com .

Lauren Canuel Holistic Approach to Weight Loss and Relapse Prevention

Psychotherapist Lauren Canuel, LICSW-ACSW-BCD, will speak about the different parts of our personality that determine whether we can succeed at weight loss forever. Through identification of negative beliefs systems, negative thought patterns, and discussion of the emotional eating cycle, she will give an overview of the types of cognitive behavioral therapy that she has been utilizing with her patients for almost 26 years. Lauren knows what works in weight loss, she lost 150 pounds 29 years ago and has kept it off.

Canuel knows what works in a weight loss program. Twenty-eight years ago, she weighed 285 pounds. But she lost the weight in 30 months and has managed to keep it off, even through two pregnancies. Today, at 135 pounds, Lauren is helping others realize the same success through her program that she created in 1989. Lauren grew up in a dysfunctional homThrough personal research, she discovered many different emotional reasons why people use food beyond its purpose of fuel for the body, whether from stress at work, problems at home or depression. Medical problems may also come into play. Going beyond exercise and nutrition, Canuel developed her own program that addresses what causes a person to overeat.

In developing her program, Canuel incorporated three important approaches to losing weight and preventing relapse. They are proper nutrition, need for consistent activity, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the person’s mindset. This gives them the ability to change the emotional eating relationship he or she is having with food. For more information about Canuel visit online at www.laurencanuel.com.

The January 17 Fit for Life Expo will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Warwick Mall. Bring your questions, and be ready to steer your well-being on track for a healthy and fit 2015. For more information, or how you can become an expert exhibitor, contact Susan Lataille at susan@discoveryouevents.com or visit http://discoveryouevents.com/fitforlife.

Demo: Unleashed, LLC – functional training demo that will display the use of body weight exercises, battle ropes, plyo boxes, a wreck bag and maybe some Kettlebells or free weights.

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