2012 Women’s Expo Event Schedule

11:30am – Laurie Mazza “Money Management for the Female Future”

Women who take responsibility for their retirement are in a better position to reduce the specific risks of being female. Women want financial security, but figuring out a 401(k) from a 529 B plan puts most of us to sleep. We should be aware of gender-longevity differences and their implications and seek, not generic, but gender-specific information and advice. Your presenter, Laurie Mazza is a financial professional at Metlife Securities Inc., a broker dealer with over 7,050 registered representatives nationwide. Laurie has been in the industry for over 2 years and is subject to SEC and FINRA oversight.


12:00pm – Lisa Milich “Break the Rules. Find your Freedom. Live your Life”

Are you looking to improve the quality of your life so you can live with more passion, meaning and purpose? Hear valuable tips and real actionable information on how you can make changes to impact the areas of your life ranging from health and wellness, money and career, self care and balance to relationships an connection to your spirit. Lisa Milich is a Business Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership development Coach, Life Coach, Women’s Coach, and the founder and director of Inspired Living, an authentic leadership company dedicated to wellness, personal growth and social change.


12:30pm – Jackie Hennessey “Venting Sessions – Surviving as a Mom”

Join Barrington resident, Jackie Hennessey as she explains her anecdote on the real life chaos that busy moms in general, experience, as female extraordinaries’. Besides author and mom, Jackie is a seasoned public relations professional with more than 17 years of agency, corporate communications and journalism experience.


2:00pm – Todd Patkin “Finding Happiness and Beat Depression”

It’s time to change the way you look at the world. Too many of us endure lives filled with regrets, low self-esteem and depression. We are bored, disinterested, and often terribly on edge. Some of us are even chronically anxious and depressed. This is true even if nothing appears to be “wrong” in our lives-even if, in fact, everything appears to be just right. Todd Patkin courageously pulls back the curtain on this disorder and uses his own life experience to help us understand its perils.


4:00pm – Gil Lantini “I Have a Great Idea for a Business”

You have a great idea, a love for a specific industry, and you know you can  make it an actual business. Get some tips and step by step direction through the preparation process needed to make the transition, Gil Lantini, Founder of Rhode Island Small Business Journal and Owner of Focus Solutions, a full service design firm, specializing in brand and web development, will give you insight on how to understand and handle some of the personal sacrifices and time commitments of owning your own business.


4:30pm – Patricia Raskin “Stress Management and Burn-Out Prevention”

Patricia Raskin, host of the Patricia Raskin Positive Living radio show, is a nationally recognized multi-media radio talk show host, award-winning producer, media coach, speaker and author will discuss symptoms of burnout for women and ways to deal with them. By finding and strengthening our intrinsic resources, we’re better able to make the right choices when life’s inevitable changes and challenges occur and explore the components of positive living as we define them uniquely for ourselves, the power of the positive perspective, how to heighten our awareness to achieve balance in our lives, and the quality of life we desire.



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