2012 Small Business Week Free Workshops

Wednesday, May 30 – 9:00am—11:00am

Marketing With Stories…How To Create Buzz and Gain Mind Share Through The Power of Stories

Stories help us sell our products, our services, our ideas, and our vision. Enhancing your storytelling
skills is the next step in growing your business…because storytelling is the key to all business

In this seminar, he will show you how to:

• Create an emotional story that compels people to take action
• Capture the attention of prospects who otherwise ignore your messages
• Make it easy for others to tell your story and spread your message
• Close more sales by using stories to overcome objections
• Learn how to make a positive connection with your clients and prospects

Presented by David Nash, SCORE
Centerville Seminar Center
875 Centerville Road – Building 2, Suite 5, Warwick

Wednesday, May 30 – 2:30pm—4:00pm

How To Increase Your One-on-One Sales…The Road Warrior’s Pathway to Sales Growth

Whether you’re experienced or inexperienced, if you’re a sales road warrior looking to dramatically
increase your sales, this is the seminar you should attend.

This workshop will provide you with the sales tools you need to identify more prospects, acquire more
appointments, and close more sales. Steve will walk you through the time-tested sales tips you need to
increase your sales to new heights.

Presented by Steve Gareau, SCORE
Centerville Seminar Center
875 Centerville Road – Building 2, Suite 5, Warwick

Friday, June 1 – 10:00am—Noon

Measuring the ROI on Social Media

Are social media results measurable? How do you know if your social media campaigns are worth the
effort you are putting in? This workshop explores the benefits of using social media as part of your
marketing campaign and how to make sure you are maximizing your efforts.

Presented by Gil Lantini
Center for Women & Enterprise
132 George M. Cohan Blvd., Providence

Friday, June 1 – 10:00am—Noon

Time Management Secrets for Small Business Owners: How To Boost You And Your Employees’

At this workshop you will learn how successful entrepreneurs manage their time and how they overcome
internal barriers to success. Learn from the business coaches from the Bridges to Business, a program of
the International Institute of New England, which over the past decade has helped hundreds of
entrepreneurs use time management to get to the next level.

Presented by Bridges to Business
Centerville Seminar Center
875 Centerville Road – Building 2, Suite 5, Warwick

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