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How many times have you made the statement, “The next time I move will be my last?” I’m sure most of us have been heard saying that at some point. While moving from the place we live and call home isn’t always the most pleasurable experience, sometimes it’s necessary. The same holds true when it comes to our office space. We recently made our second office move since last Summer and both times it was for different reasons. So what factors typically make a business consider moving?

Space Requirements

This is the most common reason why companies move. As we look to grow our business, we might consider a larger office space. It’s important to have space for additional staff. It’s also important to assess other requirements for space such as the need for a conference room, a training room or even a small kitchen area. While some companies look for more space to grow, others are looking to downsize. Whether it be from a need for less staff, or a change in business model, opting for less space can be a cost saving measure.

Rising Costs

In some cases, our move could be a financial decision. While our space might be adequate, we could see an increase in rents, making it cost prohibitive. We also need to assess our utilities and see how that effects our bottom line. Years ago we had an office that was not well insulated, and our heating bills during the winter months were staggering. Another issue some companies have is the cost of paid monthly parking, which can get costly as we grow. Factors like this make the decision to relocate a great financial move.


Another common reason for moving is location.  Being close to potential or current clients can help us to secure more business and service existing clients better. Some companies also look to move to be closer to talent and transportation. Being downtown Providence or in Quonset near a train station might help us to attract talent from outside of the area, while being in a Pawtucket mill might help with recruiting artistic and creative talent.

Regardless of the reason for your move, always be sure to weigh these factors into your decision. Also make sure that the move is a seamless one for your employees. Have their desks, phones computers and anything else they need to do their job ready to go. Once you move, you want everyone ready to hit the ground running!


Gil Lantini

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